Case Hop Tally

by Case Hop Tally

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From the creative imagination of Mitchell Manburg. This is the soundtrack to his story.


released December 10, 2015

Mitchell Manburg, Lawrence Davis, Haley Hoech

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Case Hop Tally Oakland, California

I went to Alaska for the summer after college graduation to work at a fish cannery where I got a tough first taste of the world. The name "Case Hop Tally" was my misheard job title and is now the name of my musical diary (in collaboration with Larry). It's probably a metaphor for something but I'm not quite sure what. It is what it is. We're all just trying to figure it out as we go here. ... more

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Track Name: Tunnelvision
Come inside and take off your coat
It's so cold and wet and grey but yet bearable
Your eyes are telling me they already know

Sit down tell your story and smoke
It's really coming down now are you comfortable?
You find peace inside your raincoat?

Two roads converge in a single hole
Now I seasick from the temporal flow
I hitched a ride inside a ripening home

An upright sailboat white as snow
Then You, removed and only just watched it float
Your lungs are telling me they already know

Take my advice for here or to go
Just be nice and let me spill it I need you to
You'll make a great respectable joke

Tell me everything and no holding back
Spill your heart to me you know that I plead you to
Don't blame me if I can't keep it closed


Two roads diverge from a single hole
It's a synchronized swimming light show
There Time for everybody to go home

A white mountain with a promise of gold
It's progress at its finest unshakable
Don't tell me that you already know
Track Name: Res Bay
Humpy spawning in the sound today
Swims against the dawning current
Ends up on a dock with her head chopped off
Back of the line to be sold in a box
Humpy's getting out of Res Bay

Sink again in my bottomless boots
They call me Lucky For All My Hours
Pick em pack em sort em stack em
Hold your shit together
Can you count to 24?
Or learn how to manage?
I gotta get out of Res Bay

Case Hop Tally Ho! lost another pail,
Calculus clouds froze, might as well
Stay awake

The Northern Lights in fluorescent rows,
Punched in the Breeze where the shingles flow and
Anybody help.
Where did you go?

No, don't leave me to the tent!
Thinkin won't
Strap me up n box me down again, no.
Give a little prick and make a little pop
Run up Marathon and sleep on top
and out
I'm running out of Res Bay

[chorus 2x]
Track Name: Medía Luna
The streets are yours now
Go sail your ship around you lonely sailor

Fast people wind down
Dreams of broken queens tucked into clouds

Shine half a light down
Let tango dancers trace you in the ground

A sweet canela taste within their mouths

Medía Luna,
Full sail to a milky sea but frozen in a memory
You're anchored down

And her hand takes a second hand but holds the hour
Track Name: Slingshot
We flew so high so high so high
We flew so high we flew away
And you flew east while I hung west
But I hold you to your word in a letter in my chest

When did we
Become so heavy?
Don't it seem to keep keepin on?
I took a little break and I broke too long,
As a First Law citizen I'm doing something wrong

Now you're making your way but you don't know how
And you held me close then shot me out
And you're coming to terms with the Here and Now

Slingshot ready, to fire another round

Train leaves Denali at 6 am
And the Dead Sea is still alive
Patagonia hurting like the Barrier Reef
Copenhagen is running dry
But when did I,

Become so heavy?
Don't it seem to keep keeping on?
I took a little break and I've been broken too long
As a First Law citizen I'm doing something wrong


Now I'm coming to terms with the Here and Now
And I've come to terms with the Here and Now
And I'll come to terms with the Here and Now

But can I just say one thing right before we begin?